Houston In-Ground Hot Tub-Spa Builder & Designer

Hot Tub-Spa and Pool combinations are a very social element when it comes to relaxing in a luxury outdoor living area. Imagine relaxing with a favorite beverage in your custom hot tub-spa with the soothing sound of hot bubbling water as the therapy jets relieve the stresses of the day and soothe your body.
Hot tubs-Spas come in all shapes and sizes. When determining the size of your hot tub-spa, consider how many people will be using it at one time. When considering the shape, it needs to stay true to the style of your pool.  Downunda Pools will walk you through all the options and the design process.
In-ground spas & hot tubs can be integrated seamlessly into your pool design or can be designed stand alone or separate to create an attractive alternative contrast or element to your outdoor design.  With hundreds of in-ground hot tub installations under our belts, Downunda custom spas have the expertise to guide you through the design and construction process to build your perfect spa and outdoor living space. Our knowledge and scope will give you the classical and integrated custom in-ground hot tub / spa with the, efficiency, features, and comfort of a traditional, free-standing hot tub / spa.

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