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Pool remodeling and upgrading an existing pool and or outdoor living space can, in some cases provide a wiser option to looking for or buying a new home. Perhaps you have purchased a new home with an existing pool and it begs a dramatic makeover. Maybe your pool is very outdated or has been poorly maintained. Whatever your reasons, you have decided to remodel and need some direction and ideas.
Downunda design team can provide inspiration and sound advice on your pool and backyard renovation and remodel.
If you have a pool, at some stage you might want to conduct pool remodeling and renovations. The options for remodeling or renovating your pool are endless and can be executed in a variety of ways and for a variety of tastes. However, finding a reliable contractor to help you choose a pool interior or a design to suit your personal needs and surrounding landscape can be a painstaking process.

Houston Pool Remodeling and Renovation

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What Bad Pool Remodeling & Renovations Can Mean For You 

Employing an inexperienced or unreliable pool renovation company can be a nightmare for you and your family. Inexperienced contractors that conduct swimming pool remodeling & renovations tend to execute the job poorly, leaving you with a pool looking entirely different than you wanted. In addition, unreliable swimming pool re-modelers tend to miss deadlines that you had previously agreed upon, leaving you with a construction site in your backyard for months.

We Offer the Best Pool Remodeling and Renovation Services

At Downunda, our team of professionals understand that your pool should be uniquely tailored to you and your personal needs. We are committed to creating a top-class renovated pools within your budget. In addition, we complete all of our pool renovations in a reasonable time frame, allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits your custom designed pool when you expected.

How long will it take to remodel/renovate my pool?

Renovating your pool depends on the contractor that you choose as well as the type of renovation that you are planning to conduct. In other words, if you are looking to conduct a complete remodel, an efficient contractor might take between a month and two months. This type of remodeling will probably involve changing the plumbing or the concrete decking in your pool. However, if you are planning to give your pool a slight make-over, it will probably take much less time — our estimate is about a week.

When is the best time to remodel/renovate a pool?

One of the problems that we encounter the most is that our clients often remember the renovations that need to be done to their pool in the spring or summertime. While remembering to conduct renovations when the weather is nice out makes sense, however this might not be the best option. Renovating a pool will definitely take time so it is best to plan any remodeling or renovations in the fall or wintertime when you are least likely to use your pool. This will minimize the hassle and allow you to make the most of the beautiful spring and summer weather to enjoy your pool.

Do you offer pool remodeling consultations?

Yes, we do. We offer detailed consultations about the design that you would like for your pool and we are able to answer any questions you might have about our swimming pool remodeling & renovations. Whether you are interested in how long the remodeling process might take for your specific pool or you are interested in how much the design you want would cost, we are at your disposal. Feel free to contact us today for a detailed analysis of your pool as well as your unique needs at 281-236-4344.

Are there any particularly loud and dust phases of the pool remodeling/renovation projects?

Just like any executing any type of construction work, remodeling your pool will involve some dust and noise at some point in time. We are unable to say how much dust/noise will be involved for certain because each pool renovation & remodeling job is different — a complete pool renovation involving an overhaul of pool plumbing and equipment will involve much more noise and dust than a simple renovation requiring little intervention. In any case, if you would like to consult about how much you will be inconvenienced during this time, feel free to contact us for a detailed specification of our timeline and all of our planned activities.

If you are looking for a reliable pool renovation company that offers a wide range of renovation and remodeling services, Downunda is the best in the business. We execute unique swimming pool remodeling and renovations that are specifically tailored to you and your personal needs. If you are interested in consulting with us regarding a possible pool renovation design or a remodeling idea, feel free to contact us today at 281-236-4344.

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