Pool Water Features; What is it about the sound of running water that is cathartic, soothing and calms us? What is it about the cadence and rhythm of the ocean waves that draw us to the beach? Why is it that, when we dream and plan our vacation we see ourselves by a Caribbean beach or relaxing on a lake? Water is simply one of the most important elements in our lives, so it therefore stands to reason why we are drawn to fresh clear water; “it is the font of life”.

Custom Designs:

Sit back relax and listen to your pool water feature as your stresses drift away. Create a tranquil escape with a water feature that delights the senses. At Downunda, a pool is never just a place to cool down. It is a stunning visual focal point that will provide aesthetic enhancement of your backyard living space all year round. Even when the weather is a little cool for swimming, you can enjoy the look and sound of your pool water features. Each water feature is custom designed to individual specifications and incorporates a range of finishes that can include stone and mosaic tiling. Our focus is on ensuring individual requirements are explored in order to create water features that fit the overall design style and feel. The aim is to build a pool that complements your home and outdoor living space, whether your home is pre-existing or being newly constructed. Water features can satisfy many design considerations; the sound of running water can have a calming and cathartic effect, they can mask traffic noise, and provide texture and contrast to an outdoor living space and pool design.

Raised Spas

A raised spa adds water movement and elevation contrast to your outdoor experience.  A raised spa will also add an interesting architectural and visual element to your pool and spa design.

Sheer Decent

Sheer Descents are water features that produce a clear sheet of water that can provide the soothing sound of falling water, or can be adjusted from a silent, glass-like sheet of water to a rushing mountain waterfall. Sheer Decents are a captivating addition to any new, remodeled, or existing pool or spa. Sheer Descent Waterfalls are available in varying lengths, including curved and extended lip configurations.


Bubblers are pleasant and fun element to add to your pool. This water feature is the perfect addition to steps, tanning ledges and beach entries. At night, you can have create a spectacular light show by adding cool and colorful led lighting to your bubblers.

Water Bowls

Water Bowls custom designed by Downunda and hand made of caste stone by local artisans will texture and contrast any design. Water bowls offer a light and meditative water sound to compliment any sitting area or tanning ledge.

Rock Waterfalls

Waterfalls bring a natural element to a lagoon style to your pool. Downunda custom design our waterfalls, and weeping walls. The soothing look of natural rock in a tropical or lagoon style setting complimented with the sound of running water will enhance your backyard oasis and experience. We offer design options to suit any style.

Spillways / Scuppers

Spillways or scuppers can be little less noisy than power-falls or sheer decents as they do not require  a separate pump to operate, they run off the main pool return system or manifold. Scupper are slightly less alternative to a sheer decent.

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