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At Downunda Pools we offer only the best. We have won multiple regional and international design awards for our expertise and innovative designs. We also offer professional pool repairs, pool remodeling and pool re-plastering services throughout the greater Houston area including The Woodlands, Memorial, Bellaire and more.


Downunda Pools provide these services:

New Construction

Looking to perfect your outdoor living area? Look no further! Whether you have limited space or room to spare we can design a pool for you. Our New Construction page will give you all the information you need to get your new pool project rolling! Here you will find information about the kind of projects we do and how to get started.

Pool Design

Downunda Pools understand the importance of design and master planning. No matter what kind of project it is, we strive to find the best answer for our clients and the people who will ultimately use the space.


Pool Remodeling

Time for a change? Perhaps you have purchased a new home with an existing pool and it begs a dramatic makeover or maybe your pool is very outdated or has been poorly maintained. If you want a completely new feel, or want to upgrade or redesign your existing pool, you have come to the right place. Our Pool Remodeling page will provide you with the best remodeling and renovation options services

Pool Repairs

Need a repair? Downunda Pools is proud to offer Certified Service Professionals that will ensure that your pool is repaired correctly. Our Service page details our specialties and capabilities.

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