Swim Spa / Hot Tub Houston

Relaxation Station

Swim spa Houston can turn your home into a year-round outdoor living relaxation environment. Our Relaxation station allow your and your family to swim, exercise, play, and entertain; it’s the perfect fun-and-fitness solution for family, friends, and solo retreats and a great alternative to the expense of a luxury In ground pool.

Your Relaxation Station arrives pre-plumbed and ready to install on any sound, level surface: transform your patio, convert your garage into an aquatic escape, or dedicate a new construction to your future well-being.

Just sink into our ergonomically designed hydro-massage seats, and you’re within easy reach of the push-button controls. Turn up the hydrotherapy jets to melt your stress away, or set the mood with the underwater lighting.

With the industry-best swim spa swim current, you can enjoy the added versatility of a fitness pool. You can adjust the speed from a gentle breaststroke to a challenging 1:08/100-yard swim pace.

Our Relaxation Station Exercise System combines a five-speed jetted resistance current with smart features to deliver a complete fitness program for all ages.
Downunda offer options such as our 8-speaker Bluetooth music system and aquatic fitness accessories; you can easily make it your own.


All the benefits of traditional swimming pools, and more, in a fraction of the space!

The backyard swimming pool will forever be a fixture of fun and entertainment for generations of kids and adults. But for many of us, access to a swimming pool is difficult. We resign ourselves to monthly gym fees, over-chlorinated waters, jockeying for lane times, crowded pools, dirty locker-rooms and lengthy commutes.

Now… imagine your own private swimming pool, installed just steps away, set to the temperature you desire, with less chlorine than standard tap water… a pool that can be installed virtually anywhere, indoors or out and used year-round for lap swimming, aquatic exercise, therapy and family fun.

Introducing, the Downunda Indulgence, intelligently designed swim Hot tub/ spa for today’s world. The Endless Pool is the small pool with BIG benefits! Since 1988 over 20,000 customers worldwide have realized the benefits of daily aquatic exercise, in the privacy and convenience of their own homes, now it’s your turn. Endless Pools are ideal for:


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