The Barossa Group

The Barossa Group is a collection of top quality hot tubs by Downunda Hot Tub / Spas. Built to the same exacting standards of our premium spas, the Barossa Group allows you to create a customized spa experience packed with value. Each Barossa hot tub model features the Smart Controls , Deluxe Pillows and Therapy System in several seat locations for a top quality hot tub experience fit to your lifestyle and budget.


  • Barossa Group Standard Features
  • Smart Spa Controls
  • Sun blaster Stainless Steel Screw-in Bearing Less Jets
  • Corona Discharge Ozone System
  • 50 Sq. Ft. Top Load Skim Filter with Floating Weir
  • Deluxe Pillows in Bucket Seats and Lounges
  • Synthetic Under Lip Skirting and ABS Plastic Bottom Pan
  • 4” to 2” UL Locking Safety Cover
  • Reverse Molded Therapy Neck Collar

BG 300

BG 800

BG 400

BG 500

BG 700